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Emailing a subform from the current UI document

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I have provided a sample database with this utility at: http://www.openntf.org/Projects/pmt.nsf/HomeLookup/97CEA8C9251DA3BE862574A2006FA7B8?OpenDocument Emailing a subform from the current UI document I’m sure most of you are familar with the simple @Command([MailForward]) function. @Command([MailForward]) forwards the current document by placing its entire contents into a mail memo which the user then addresses and sends. I was tasked with duplicating this functionality, but for a subform on the current document. Futhermore, the customer wanted to the memo to be executed through the backend and sent via the click of a button. Approach: The key to this accomplishing this task is to isolate the subform in its own form. After the subform isolated, its entire contents can be copied to the clipboard, pasted it into a rich text field, and sent to a specified user. Follow these 3 steps to create the basic forms and code for this utility. Step 1: a.) Create a hotspot button on the subform you wish to email and add this code to the ‘click’ event: (note: In the ‘hide-when’ options of the hotspot button, check the box for hiding when "Copied to the Clipboard") ‘This button will switch the form name of the current document and open the document using the temp form. Dim strOrgForm As String
Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
Set doc = ws.CurrentDocument.Document
Let strOrgForm = doc.Form(0) ‘capture the original form name
doc.ReplaceItemValue "Form", "TempForm" ‘switch the form to the temp ’email’ form. Call ws.EditDocument(False,doc) ‘reopen the document with the ‘temp’ form. doc.ReplaceItemValue "Form", strOrgForm ‘replace the form name back to its original name. —————————————————————————————— Step 2: a.) Create a form in your database and name it "TempForm". b.) Insert the subform from Step 1 into "TempForm"
c.) (optional: If your underlying original form as richtext fields with attachments, add those richtext fields on the tempform in a hidden section. The section must be hidden and the section properties must be set to ‘auto-collapse’ on open. Otherwise the attachments from the main form will appear at the bottom of the email when it is sent. This step is not necessary if your underlying form does not have rich text fields.)
d.) copy and paste the following code into the "PostOpen" event the "TempForm" subform. Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim ns As New NotesSession
Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument
Dim docMemo As NotesDocument
Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
Dim ndt As New NotesDateTime("12/31/1899") ‘The postopen event will copy the entire unhidden contents of the form to the user’s clipboard
‘Then it will grab the memo document saved in the database and open it. Set db = ns.CurrentDatabase
Set uidoc = ws.CurrentDocument
Call uidoc.SelectAll
Call uidoc.Copy
Call uidoc.Close Set dcMemo = db.Search(|Form = "Memo"|,ndt,1) ‘Get the Memo document in database. There should only be 1 memo document
If dcMemo.Count = 0 Then ‘If the memo document is not created, than create a new one
‘This code will only execute the first time someone uses this utility. Set docMemo = New NotesDocument(db)
docMemo.ReplaceItemValue "Form", "Memo"
Set docMemo = dcMemo.GetFirstDocument ‘otherwise just get the existing memo document
End If ‘In this example we are sending the subform to the current user. docMemo.ReplaceItemValue "SendTo", ns.CommonUsername
‘If you wish to make the sendto field variable, add a hidden field to the tempform Form, popluate it, and then reference it here like this: ‘docMemo.ReplaceItemValue "SendTo", uidoc.Document.GetFirstItem(your fieldname goes here).Values
docMemo.ReplaceItemValue "CopyTo", "" ‘Add more people to CC if desired
docMemo.ReplaceItemValue "Subject", "Test: Emailing a subform" ‘add a subject to your memo
docMemo.ReplaceItemValue "Body", "" ‘clear the body field each time before opening the memo
Call ws.EditDocument(True,docMemo) ‘Open the Memo document. ———————————————————————————————— Step 3: a.) Create a form in your database and name it "Memo"
b.) Create an editable rich text field on the Memo Form and name it "Body". c.) copy and paste the following code into the "PostOpen" event the "TempForm" subform. Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument
Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace ‘The postopen event of this form will paste the contents of the user’s clipboard into the body field
Set uidoc = ws.CurrentDocument
Call uidoc.Paste ‘paste the subform into the body field of the uidoc (body field is default focus)
Call uidoc.Save ‘the uidoc must be saved to capture the rich text
Call uidoc.Document.Send(False,False) ‘send the memo document
Call uidoc.Close

Original source : http://www.openntf.org/projects/codebin/codebin.ns…


Written by lotusnotes

Январь 13, 2009 в 7:33

Опубликовано в Lotus Notes

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