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Dashboard example (realtime data into graphs using RMchart)

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In this sample application I show you how you can use RMcharts in an Lotus Notes Dashboard application. You need to download RMchart at http://www.rmchart.com/ and install it on your PC (a restart is required). Make sure the files RMchart.ocx and RMchart.dll are installed in your windows\system32 directory. RMchart is completely freeware. Go to the website for more information. I created this application because I could not find any free product to create realtime graphs from (view) data within Lotus Notes. Finally I found this software and this made my work a lot easier. No more excel and no more exports needed. This is a completly free solution and I think it works great. If you would like to use RMcharts in a real application make sure your users have the RMcharts installed. You could copy above files manualy or automatic via an script to windows\system32\ directory and use ‘regsvr32’ command line program to register the .ocx file in Windows. This database contains a view for the sales sample data and a lookup view I use to quickly & dynamic get the values to display in the charts. The dashboard form contains the embedded activex elements and all the code I used to get the data and display the data in the embedded activex elements. It makes use of a script library for the needed constants. TIP: You can build your own charts with RMCdesigner, also available at http://www.rmchart.com. Use the program to generate source code for VB6 / ActiveX and paste it in an Lotus Notes button in a form. With very limited changes you can use that generated code in your application. If you have any questions regarding this application, mail me. Ferry Kranenburg ** update 1.1 — added the rewritten fastview function from Ulrich Krause (Thanks!)

Original source : http://www.openntf.org/projects/codebin/codebin.ns…


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Январь 25, 2009 в 10:23

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