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Clear Lotus Notes local cache (cache.ndk) with LotusScript

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Embed this LotusScript in a button or in the postopen sub of a database script. With it, users can clear their local caches without deleting their cache.ndk files. Here is the code : ************************** Dim WorkSpace As New NotesUIWorkspace
Dim DbCache As NotesDatabase
Dim AllDocs As NotesDocumentCollection
Dim Doc, nextDoc As NotesDocument
Dim i As Integer On erreur Goto ErrorHandling Set DbCache = New NotesDatabase ("", "cache.ndk")
Set AllDocs = DbCache.AllDocuments
If AllDocs.Count > 0 Then
Print "deleting documents from cache.ndk …"
Set Doc = AllDocs.GetFirstDocument
While Not ( Doc Is Nothing )
i = i + 1
Set NextDoc = AllDocs.GetNextDocument ( Doc )
Print "deleting documents from cache (" & Cstr (i) & "/" & Cstr ( AllDocs.Count ) & ")"
Call Doc.RemovePermanently ( True )
Set Doc = NextDoc
End If
Print "Compacting cache.ndk"
Call DbCache.Compact Exit Sub ErrorHandling : Resume
Call WorkSpace.Prompt (1, "Cache.ndk Optimization", "An error has occured." ) ************************** Pascal LUCAS. http://www.upteamind.fr

Original source : http://www.openntf.org/projects/codebin/codebin.ns…


Written by lotusnotes

Январь 27, 2009 в 6:07

Опубликовано в Lotus Notes

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